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Zsuzsa Pető (szerk.)
Pauline Fathers

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ISBN: 978-615-5978-54-8
Kiadás helye: Magyar Nemzeti Múzeum, Budapest
Kiadás éve: 2022
Oldalszám: 304
Kötészet típusa: keménytábla, cérnafűzött

The Hungarian Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit – the only operating male monastic order founded in Hungary to date – was established in the Kingdom of Hungary around 1250. It evolved steadily up to the late Middle Ages, moreover, it has gained a foothold not only in Central Europe but also in Rome and other places of Europe since the 15th century. This book, based on the temporary exhibition of the Hungarian National Museum, strives to provide a comprehensive picture about the past of the Order originating from Hungary, about its present and perspectives. Special attention is paid to the life of Pauline Fathers in medieval and early modern Hungary, to the relics of early Pauline monasteries as well as the historic role and Hungarian relations of the Częstochowa Monastery, the centre of the Order in Poland. Readers may admire illustrations of archaeological finds of the monasteries in the Carpathian Basin, codices preserving medieval Pauline literary records, gold and silver liturgical vessels, early modern prints, numerous sculptures, paintings and engravings all of which bear witness to the rich heritage of a monastic order capable of constant renewal.